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What are the advantages of Anymal?
Administration and overview of hobby animals is an important item. Anymal provides a solution with the app. The app, which has been extensively tested by animal owners, is easy to use at every location. Next to the administration also pictures can be added in the timeline. This gives the user a practical overview of the last deworming or vaccination.
What animal species can be added in the app?
It is possible to add every animal species to the app.
How do I reset my password?
App downloaden ➔ Log in ➔ Nieuw wachtwoord aanvragen ➔ Mailadres van het account invoeren ➔ Via de link in de mail een nieuw wachtwoord aanmaken ➔ App openen ➔ Inloggen met nieuw wachtwoord.Download the app -> Log in -> Request new password -> Enter the email address -> Open the link in the email -> Open the app -> Log in with the new password
Can I share an animal with multiple people?
No, you can share an animal with only one person at the same time. You can share an activation link with this person.
If my animal is shared with someone else, will all events be synchronised? Can the other person alter the data?
Yes, both persons have the same rights. So both users can add events on the timeline. This option is suitable for situations in which you co-own an animal or share an animal.
How do I know if my animal is shared?
At the homepage of this animal a ‘share’ icon will be visible. There is also a written text shown which states the animal is shared.
How can I cancel the sharing of my animal?
The person who shared the animal is responsible to stop the sharing. The animal will automatically be deleted from the list of the other person.
How do I know if I shared the animal with the right person?
At the animal’s homepage the name of this person will be mentioned, for example ‘Shared with Joost’.
In which countries is Anymal available?
Anymal is available worldwide in both the Google Play Store as well as the App store.
Is it possible to export data or to print an overview?
No, the app is only available on smartphones.