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What are the advantages of Anymal?
Administration and overview of hobby animals is an important item. Anymal provides a solution with the app. The app, which has been extensively tested by animal owners, is easy to use at every location. Next to the administration also pictures can be added in the timeline. This gives the user a practical overview of the last deworming or vaccination.
What animal species can be added in the app?
It is possible to add every animal species to the app. Anymal adds new animal species categories regularly, and also there is an 'other' option.
Is it possible to share my account with multiple people?
Yes, you can use the same account on multiple devices. Simply fill in the username and password of the account on another device.
In which countries is Anymal available?
Anymal is available worldwide in both the Google Play Store and the App store.
How do I add reminders to events?
The app allows users to add reminders per animal. You can simply add the reminder via the reminder button. These reminders can also be added to your personal agenda on your mobile phone.
How do I add multiple animals to one event?
It is possible to create one event for various animals. If you create an event there is a column stating โ€˜involved animalsโ€™. To add other animals to this event press the + button.
My animal has been archived by accident, what do I need to do?
If you select โ€˜archiveโ€™ above your list of animals, you can see all animals which have been removed from the app. Simply click on the animal and restore it back to your current list of animals.
How do I change my emailadress?
You can't change the emailadress yourself. Contact info@any-mal.com if you want to change your emailadress.