Privacy Policy - Anymal

Privacy Statement

Anymal B.V. (hereinafter: Anymal) respects the privacy of its relations. We believe it is important for your personal data to be treated confidentially and for the applicable privacy laws and regulations to be observed. In this privacy statement, we inform you about our use of your personal data. Certain Anymal services or products could be subject to additional privacy conditions. This statement only pertains to the processing of personal data, and not to company data such as health statuses.

Who is responsible for your personal data?
Anymal is responsible for the processing of your personal data. Anymal’s contact details are:
Hamburgweg 19
7418 ES Deventer
Telephone: +31(0)620612408

When are personal data processed?
Anymal processes the following personal data: name, address, phone number, e-mail address, unique company number (UBN) and bank account number. The personal data or combination of personal data processed by Anymal may vary per relation. Your personal data are collected if you make use of our online services through the Anymal app or call our customer service. You also provide personal data to us when you leave your personal data with our company or our employees. Personal data are collected in the context of potential client relations or business relations with Anymal.

For what purpose does Anymal use your personal data?
Your personal data are used for the purpose of effective and efficient business operations, the supply of products and services, and more specifically includes the performance of the following activities:
• Anymal processes personal data to perform contracts and maintain relations with clients, suppliers and other parties involved or their representatives. For example, the name, address, e-mail address, phone number, and bank account number of a client or their representatives are recorded and amended where necessary if any of these details change. The processing of the personal data is based on the agreement concluded with the relation or Anymal’s legitimate interest in maintaining relations, given that this is necessary in the context of ordinary business operations.
• For research purposes, such as research to prevent and combat animal diseases and other research to improve animal health, personal data like your UBN will be processed. The processing often entails anonymisation or pseudonymation of your data. This could pertain to internal scientific or other research and research conducted on behalf of third parties. The processing is based where necessary on permission from the data subjects or on Anymal’s legitimate interest, because this research contributes to the optimisation of its products and services and contributes to animal health and animal well-being in general.
• Anymal processes the personal data of relations or potential relations, such as their name and address, e-mail addresses and phone numbers, in order to perform its marketing activities. Where necessary, the personal data are processed in this context on the basis of permission. For direct marketing purposes, the personal data of relations are processed based on a legitimate interest, given that these activities are part of Anymal’s ordinary business operations.
• Anymal processes personal data such as name, address, e-mail addresses and phone numbers for communication purposes. This could pertain to publishing information about new products and services and any other information regarding animal health via newsletters, digital newsletters or otherwise. Personal data could also be processed in order to provide information in respect of conferences, lectures, presentations, workshops or other gatherings. For the provision of information for newsletters, where necessary we will ask for your permission and/or give you the opportunity to opt out. The processing of data for other communication purposes is based on Anymal’s legitimate interests, because this takes place in the context of activities that are part of Anymal’s ordinary business operations.
• When visiting our location, visitors are asked to provide their name and address in connection with the security of individuals, the building, and information. Certain parts of the site, building and laboratories have camera surveillance. The basis for the processing is Anymal’s legitimate interest in securing its properties and employees.

Which third parties have access to your personal data?
In the context of its business operations, Anymal may or is required to provide third parties with personal data, such as sector organisations, the government, pharmaceuticals, veterinary practices and IT providers. Anymal will also provide personal data to ABN AMRO Bank in connection with the performance of payment services. The provision of personal data does not always take place with the intention of processing. In so far third parties process personal data, they will do so in conformity with our instructions and we well take appropriate measures to ensure that the personal data are only processed in accordance with the aforementioned purposes. We will not directly transmit your personal data to countries outside of Europe. However, we may have engaged a third party that does transmit these personal data to countries outside of Europe in the context of its provision of services to us. This only occurs if we have given permission to this in advance. In that event, we ensure that additional measures are taken to protect your personal data. Anymal will also provide personal data to supervisory authorities, tax authorities and/or investigative bodies if we are legally obligated or have obtained prior permission to do so.

How do we protect your data?
We believe it is important to store your personal data securely. This is why we have taken several technical and organisational measures to prevent unlawful use of your personal data. For example, we use secured servers and firewalls; we encrypt the data and we physically protect the areas where the data are stored. We diligently protect your personal data. Anymal also has an information security policy and trains its employees in this area.

How long will your personal data be stored?
The retention period of your personal data by Anymal depends on the purpose for which they were collected and processed. Relevant in this regard are in any event the expectation that the personal data will still be used for the purpose for which they were collected, the legal retention periods that apply to certain data, and Anymal’s legitimate interests. Your personal data will not be stored longer than necessary for the purposes described above. As soon as it is no longer necessary to process your personal data, these will be deleted or anonymised.

Requests for inspection, correction, removal, objection and transfer of data
If you use the Anymal app, a large part of the personal data that has been collected on you can be seen via your account. You may change or delete certain data there at any given time. If you wish to see all the personal data that has been collected about you, you may submit a request to that end by e-mail or by letter to Anymal, Hamburgweg 19, 7418 ES, Deventer. If you want to correct or delete your personal data or to object against the processing of certain data, or want to exercise the right to transfer data, again you may use the aforementioned email address or physical address or submit a request to that end in the Anymal app. Anymal will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

Questions, remarks or complaints
For any questions, remarks or complaints regarding the protection of your personal data by Anymal, you can contact us via the aforementioned contact details. Based on the laws and regulations, you are also entitled to file a complaint with a supervisory authority.

This privacy statement may be amended without prior notice. The most recent statement can be found on our website. This statement was drawn up on 1 October 2020.