Fecal Examination via Anymal - Anymal

Fecal Examination via Anymal

Animal welfare is important at Anymal. With the Anymal App you will always have all data of your hobbyanimals available at hand’s reach. But from now on, you can also arrange fecal examination analysis through the app. This is done in collaboration with the Veterinary Parasitological Laboratory (VPL) Het Woud, a specialized laboratory in the Netherlands with over 15 years of experience in worm analysis.

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You can easily order the Wormcheckkit Horse through the Anymal App and then receive the kit by mail at home. You can collect the manure sample at home following the provided instructions. Afterward, return the manure sample in the included return envelope. Once received, VPL Het Woud will analyze the manure, and you will receive the results along with advice in the Anymal App as soon as possible.

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For reliable advice, it’s important that the online questionnaire is fully completed. You can find it behind the QR code provided with your order or fill it out here. If the fecal egg count test results in a deworming recommendation, you should contact your veterinarian directly for a deworming treatment.

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You can order a Wormcheckkit Horse in the Anymal App for 19.50 euros, including shipping costs. You can make your payment using Mollie Payments.